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The Georgia Orthopaedic Society strives to support resident education in the state of Georgia. Residents are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the Society to help foster a lifelong commitment to advocacy, education, and camaraderie.

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The Georgia Orthopaedic Society is pleased to announce that it is hosting a Residents’ competition of papers at the GOS Annual Meeting, which will be held October 7-10, 2021, at the Cloister on Sea Island, Georgia.

We will be offering first, second and third place paper awards. All three papers will receive a monetary prize. The prize awards will be as follows: 1st place--$1500; 2nd place--$1000; and 3rd place--$500.

Important guidelines for paper submission and qualification are listed below:

  • The primary author must be a resident.
  • A resident may only submit one paper. Additional abstract submissions will not be accepted.
  • The resident must be a member of the GOS in order to submit an abstract. There is no cost to join.    It takes two minutes to complete.  
  • All three award recipients will be expected to present their papers at the GOS annual meeting.  In the event of an emergency, only a co-author who is of resident or attending status current GOS member can present in their place.
  • The deadline for the resident research paper submission is May 1st, 2021.  
  • ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED:  FOR CME purposes, it is mandatory that the AAOS Financial Disclosure Form is completed.  You can complete or update your current disclosure on the AAOS website:

   If you have any questions, please call or email Liz Neary, GOS Executive Director, at 478-474-2754,

If your paper is not selected as the winner of the Thomas E. Whiteside’s, MD, Residents Award, then the Program Committee of the Society will review it for presentation during the general session or for poster presentation much like that of the AAOS.  A decision should be made regarding the winner of the competition by early June. 

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